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Tom Merigan

Tom Merigan
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Whether you are looking for local public school info or private school info we have numerous resources at your disposal all linked from this website. Even if you should need local hotels to stay at we can show you the best ones in the area. Please click on the relocation guide tab at the top of the page. We will help you with your relocation no matter how far or how difficult it is. If your needs are unique please call or email Tom and his team today. He will create a relocation strategy to help you today!

The home selling and buying process can be confusing, particularly when it comes to figuring out what items stay with the home. This is especially true when it is a FSBO (for sale by owner) operation. It’s even tougher when neither the seller nor the buyer is in the real estate business. And buying a home is a process fraught with emotional ups and downs. For most people, it will be the most expensive and involved purchase they ever make. Let Team Merigan help you today.

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We have a full team at your disposal. If you should need lenders we have them from larger banks to the smaller boutique lenders. If you are a seller, we have an excellent escrow company ready to work hard to get your escrow closed. If you are a buyer, we have many different service people waiting to help you fix any issues your dream home may have. We are committed to your satisfaction!!

Good homes sell fast, and buyers have to be ready to commit to a purchase in a short time. This being said, the "sure fire" way to make a good decision in a such a short period of time, is to learn to become a smart, analytical shopper.



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Selling your private property requires courage and confidence.
Here are some steps that will help you to sell your home:

Look at your home condition.
This is the first step to get a buyer. A buyer always needs a good first impression.
The physics of your home, inside or outside, is very important to make them contact you for the price.
Make sure you have a property that is clean, neat, and well-cared.
Repair the leakages and re-paint the walls will make your home even nicer and attractive.

Price your home. How much do you want to get for your home? Of course it depends on your home physics and external supports.
External supports mean the neighborhood and public access. The more accessible and the nicer the neighborhood may be is considered plus points for your home.
When pricing your home, it is important to look at the market. What does the market say? Market can be a good stepping point to set home price.
As an additional tip, always be available and open for negotiation. People like to bargain.



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